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I’m Erin, and I love “gilding the lily” as my Mama, a true southern lady, would say. I just can't say enough how grateful I am to call this passion of mine work! My favorite part is getting to be a friend to my brides...laughing the jitters out, telling funny stories to lighten the mood, soaking up some sweet silence and calm when needed. I'm so honored each time a bride chooses and trusts me with such a precious time.

I am originally from Alabama but lived a few places, both foreign and domestic, before ending up in Georgia. I always thought of myself as lacking in the creative category until I discovered my knack for following a bride’s vision in order to help her paint the picture she has always dreamed of for their wedding day. My brides and fellow vendors have encouraged and grown me so much as an artist and business owner, and I love them for it! Now based in Marietta, GA, I primarily serve Georgia brides but love chances to venture out to my Alabama roots or “road trip it” for a destination event. I also enjoy collaborating with my ever-so-talented friends in the industry to create dreamy editorials. It's pretty fun to combine our ideas to create bridal images for all the lovely brides looking for inspiration when it comes time to plan their big day!

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Man, I love what I do!

I’m often asked my favorite part of the job, and I always describe those quiet moments when I get to calmly pamper my bride on her big day, letting her talk her jitters out or be content and peaceful in what might be the only quiet moments she gets that day. I get to be a source of peace and calm for my brides…a part of someone’s most special day every weekend. What a blessing and a gift that is!

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And if you're in the mood for some serious cuteness, check out my Ryser Men!  My husband, Joe, who has not-a-clue about the wedding industry or anything beauty related is my biggest supporter and pushes me to make things happen.  Our little buddy, Jack, (only answers to "Jack Jack") is a sweet, rough-and-tumble little guy who is growing into quite the little gentleman and thinks he’s a country boy (he’s only lived it East Cobb ;)). He loves trucks and tractors, and of course the newest Ryser edition Emilia Elizabeth Ryser (born 5.24.18)! Pince is our two year old golden…I think he is a forever puppy.  He's just as sweet and rambunctious as he is pretty.  Family photos including baby girl coming soon!! Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a little about me and my sweet little family! 

Family Session by the amazing Hannah Forsberg